Beasiswa S1 Overseas dari CIMB Niaga

InfoBeasiswaS1 - The CIMB Niaga Scholarship was opened on April 9, 2011 up to May 14, 2011. This scholarship is given to the Indonesian Citizen (WNI), high school students and /or equivalent in Indonesia who had just completed his/her studies (fresh graduate in 2011), have a satisfactory academic values ​​(passed UAS and UN with a total average value 8,00 min average), do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education and not being bound by any other scholarship program.

The major of study offered:

Faculty of Business & Accounting:
o Accounting
o Business Administration

Faculty of Economics :
o Economics

Faculty of Engineering :
o Civil Engineering
o Mechanical
o Electrical
o Telecommunication

Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology :
o Computer science – Computer networking and system
o Computer science – Management Information System
o Information Technology – Management

Faculty of Science :
o Mathematics, Statistic, Industrial & Computational Mathematics

This scholarship program is awarded a full scholarship which includes:

  • The cost of college enrollment and Education Costs
  • Health Insurance
  • Dormitory
  • Cost of living
  • Book and internet allowance
  • Transportation (plane ticket) 1x (return of the end of each level rise)
  • Laptop & Printer
  • Cost of research (thesis writing)
  • Cost for Selection Process and Legal Document (Visa and Passport)

The requirement is to fill the Registration Form on-line e-registration by attaching the following data (data at up load) as follows:

  • National Exam Results (UN) 8,00 min (if not already have the UN can send a report the last 3 semesters).
  • Results of academic achievement and non-academic activities (Certificates)
  • Identity Card (Passport and ID card / driving license / Student Card)
  • Family Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Statement from the School of: Description good behavior, student achievement and economic status, etc..
  • Photo (Color 3×4 size)

For further information, you can contact:
Corporate Affairs PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk
Telp. : (021) 250-5151
Fax   : (021) 252-6749
PIC   : - Luh Nindityawati (Juty) di ext. 34010
- Tupon Setiawan di ext 34009
Email : /

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